Q:How can I get the bags? Do I need to put my name on them?

A:Once you sign up for the service, we will send a new bag to your dorm before the service starts.

     You can put your name on if you want, but we will make a name tag for every customer and attach it to every bag.

Q:How to distinguish laundry bag and dry cleaning bag?

A: Laundry bag is blue and dry cleaning bag is black and smaller.

Q:How should I pay for my dry cleaning? 

A: Dry cleaning fees will be paid monthly. At the end of every month, we will send you an invoice through e-mail with a detailed report of your monthly total expense on dry cleaning. You will have the following week to complete the payment. 

Q: ​If I want to cease the service after I sign up, do I get full refund?
A: We don't give full refund. We give 60% refund if you notify us within the first month after service starts, 30% within the 2 months after service starts, and no refund at all after that.