Wake Wash



 Q: How can I get the bags? Do I need to put my name on them?

A: Once you sign up for the service, we will send a bag, with your name and room number, to your dorm before the service starts. 


Q: ​How do I distinguish between the laundry bag and the dry cleaning bag?

A: Laundry bag is blue and dry cleaning bag is black. 

Q:How should I pay for my dry cleaning? 

A: Dry cleaning fees will be paid monthly. At the end of every month, you will receive an email of what you owe for that month's dry cleaning. You may pay via PayPal or Venmo. If you wish to use Venmo, please email bryanp@wakewashwfu.com. 


Q: ​If I want to cease the service after I sign up, do I get full refund?

A: We don't give full refund. We give 60% refund if you notify us within the first month after service starts, 30% within the 2 months after service starts, and no refund at all after that. 



Q: ​How do late pick ups work?

A: If you do not place your bag outside your door by 9 A.M. on Mondays, we offer one free late pick up. Any further late pick ups will cost $10. If you find yourself needing a late pick up contact us at bryanp@wakewashwfu.com. 

Q: ​What if I want to purchase a laundry or dry cleaning service for just one week?

A: If you want to purchase a service for one week, then you will have to contact us at least 24 hours before 9 A.M. pickup on the Monday of that week, and we will email you with cost information.


For further questions contact us!